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Pick a Pepper Book

Do you love chile peppers and want to learn more? Everyone knows their jalapeno, habanero and serrano peppers but what about the dundicut, Guntur Sannam, or Kashmiri?

We provide extended descriptions of 39 peppers including their origin and history, at least one full-color photograph, and tons more information!

Explore some of these wonderful peppers! Chile peppers have long fascinated people and are thought to have been consumed by humans as far back as 7500BC. They originated in the Americas and once discovered by explorers quickly spread throughout the world. Chiles spread by many means ranging from European explorers and merchants to the Africans ensnared in the slave trade.

As the chile peppers changed and evolved they became very important in local cuisines and assumed lofty places in the culture of many countries. Some cuisines are known for their use of peppers like Jamaican jerk seasonings, Mexican Chiles en Nogada, early American Creole, and the ever present Indian curries.

Some are mild like the Anaheim and some are so hot they are literally being used as weapons. Regardless of the properties, each one of these peppers plays an important part in at least one culture around the world.
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What You'll Get in This Book

Here are some of the topics covered in the 90 pages in Pick a Pepper:
  • Discussion of their origin and history
  • Full-color photographs of each pepper
  • A complete scoville chart showing the ranking of each of the 39 peppers
  • A look at the uses of each pepper
  • The pronunciation for most of the peppers
  • A description of the peppers and their plants
  • The scientific name of each pepper
  • Other names each pepper is known by

Sample the Book Now

We understand it can be hard to buy a book without knowing what you're getting. In order to help you decide we've made the first 4 peppers available for free so you can get a feel for the book.

You can view the sample chapters as a PDF download.

Who Pick a Pepper is Written For

People who are interested in finding out more information about the various chile peppers. People who want to learn the history of different peppers and their traditional uses.

Who Pick a Pepper is Not Written For

People looking for detailed recipes or growing information.

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If this book does not give you the information you want or you are unhappy with it for any reason, then you get your money back.

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What they're saying

This seems to be a very comprehensive database on chile peppers. The photographs are very beautiful and well done. It is nice having all the information in one spot. Thanks!. Alpha Team
A good introduction to peppers and their uses. Found a couple I was not familiar with that I'd like to try. Also some that I'll try to avoid unless I need to strip some paint or deter an attacker :-). RollinLog

About the Author

Jason Logsdon is a main contributor to, and the author of 2 sous vide cook books and the developer of the Chile Pepper Picker iPhone app. You can follow him on Twitter at @jasonlogsdon_sv.