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Santaka Chile Pepper

Santaka Chile Pepper Stats

Name: Santaka
Pronunciation: San-tah-ka
Length: 2 - 2 ½"
Width: Less than 1"
Scientific Name: Capsicum annuum
Other Names: none
Scoville Range: 40,000 - 50,000

Santaka Chile Pepper Origin and History

The santaka pepper plant originates in Asia and is commonly used in a host of Asian dishes. It is a hearty and robust plant that can endure in a range of climate conditions which makes it ideal for a number of pepper enthusiasts. The average plant can produce up to 150 peppers in its lifetime.

Santaka Chile Pepper Description

The peppers grow on 2 to 3 foot plants that produce white flowers. The peppers grow upwards out of the flowers and are red and green. The maturation process takes about 80 days. The peppers have thin flesh and an intense spicy flavor.

The santaka pepper plant is an aesthetically pleasing plant and many people plant them in their garden for show. They allow the peppers to fall from the plant after ripening and till them into the soil.

Santaka Chile Pepper How to Serve or Use

The santaka pepper is widely used to add heat and flavor in many Asian cuisines. They are often thinly sliced and added to stir fries for heat. They can also be used for salsas and of course hot sauces.

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