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Nora Chile Pepper

Nora Chile Pepper Stats

Name: Nora
Pronunciation: NOR-a
Length: 1"
Width: 1"
Scientific Name: Capsicum annum
Other Names: nyora, pimiento choricero
Scoville Range: 0 - 1,000

Nora Chile Pepper Origin and History

The Spanish nyora, or nora pepper, originated in the Valencia Region of Guardamar. The unique pepper is found in paprika and is sometimes referred to as the paprika pepper. It is more frequently available in specialty or gourmet stores rather than the average supermarket.

Nora Chile Pepper Description

The nora chile is a fat round chile in the bell pepper family. It has a glossy wrinkled flesh that is dark red to near black. The heat of the chile is very mild. It has a rich sweet flavor with an earthy taste.

Nora Chile Pepper How to Serve or Use

The chile is most commonly purchased as dry crushed pepper flakes. It is used as a condiment in Spanish cuisine such as stews and soups. When it is added to food whole or sliced it turns the dish to a red color. Nora peppers are a main ingredient of the popular Spanish dish Bacalao a la Vizcaina. The basic ingredients of this traditional Christmas dish are baked cod and potatoes.

Nora peppers are often used to season sausages and add flavor to rice dishes such as paella. They are a common ingredient in savory romesco sauce; which often accompanies sauteed or grilled seafood and vegetables. Other recipes that use nora chiles are smoky mashed potatoes and crab cakes. Octopus Ceviche with Nora Peppers is an entree served in many restaurants.

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