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Manzano Chile Pepper

Manzano Chile Pepper Stats

Name: Manzano
Pronunciation: Mahn-zah-noh
Length: 2 - 3"
Width: 2 - 3"
Scientific Name: Capsicum pubescens
Other Names: peron, caballo, ciruelo, rocoto
Scoville Range: 10,000 - 30,000

Manzano Chile Pepper Origin and History

The manzano pepper is one of the only chili peppers that is cultivated and grown in Mexico that is not included in the capsicum annuum family. It comes from the capsicum pubescens, which are indigenous to the Andes mountain range region of Chile and Argentina, and also parts of Bolivia. It is closely related to the rocoto pepper from South America.

The name manzano can be directly translated into English as "apple" because its appearance and shape resembles a small apple. In some parts of the Americas they are commonly referred to as "el mas picante de los picantes," the hottest of the hot.

It is commonly grown in the high elevations in the Mexican states of Chiapas, Queretaro, and Guerrero. The manzano pepper is especially resilient to cold temperatures, which makes it ideal for its mountainous locale.

Manzano Chile Pepper Description

The manzano plant generally grows at high altitudes and is a rugged shrub that produces a yellow-orange pepper when it reaches maturity. What makes the manzano pepper unique compared to other peppers throughout the world is that its seeds are black.

Manzano peppers are spherical and turn a bright yellow, orange, or red when ripe. They also have thick skin which makes them difficult to dry.

Manzano Chile Pepper How to Serve or Use

Because of the manzano pepper's thick, fleshy skin it is an ideal pepper for use in hot salsas. The skin also makes them hard to dry and they are almost always used fresh.

Manzano peppers are also commonly stuffed with meat or cheese and baked.

Manzano peppers are commonly used to make a spicy Huacatay sauce, a Peruvian sauce.

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