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Hungarian Yellow Wax Chile Pepper

Hungarian Yellow Wax Chile Pepper Stats

Name: Hungarian Yellow Wax
Pronunciation: hung-GAR-e-an
Length: 6 - 8"
Width: 1 ½"
Scientific Name: Capsicum annum
Other Names: hot yellow pepper, hot wax pepper
Scoville Range: 5,000 - 15,000

Hungarian Yellow Wax Chile Pepper Origin and History

Hungarian yellow wax peppers were first developed in Hungary and other parts of Europe. They are called yellow wax peppers because of their pastel yellow bees' wax color in addition to the sheen and texture of the skin.

Hungarian yellow wax peppers start growing best in temperatures between 64° and 90° and take around 65 days to mature. The peppers start green and then turn to yellow when they are normally harvested. If left to fully ripen they turn red in color and their heat intensifies while they remain sweet.

Hungarian Yellow Wax Chile Pepper Description

The Hungarian wax is a large pepper that tapers to a rounded point and has thin, translucent skin. The waxy skin is flavorful and does not need to be peeled. The pepper has a medium to mild heat.

While the Hungarian wax is closely related to the mild banana pepper, it is an entirely different fruit. It can easily be mistaken for the banana chile because they look the same. The difference in taste is what distinguishes the two since the Hungarian yellow wax is much hotter than the mild banana pepper.

Hungarian Yellow Wax Chile Pepper How to Serve or Use

Hungarian wax peppers are used in soups and stews. Their large size makes them ideal for pickling to serve as appetizers. They can be stuffed with different ingredients such as meat and rice. They are served fresh in salads and salsas to add color and a spicy flavor. Some recipes call for roasting or grilling the peppers before adding them to intensify the flavor.

Hungarian yellow wax peppers can be purchased at grocery stores or specialty markets. They should be wrapped in paper and kept refrigerated and can be stored for about one week.

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