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Dundicut Chile Pepper

Dundicut Chile Pepper Stats

Name: Dundicut
Length: ½ - 1"
Width: ½ - 1"
Scientific Name: Capsicum annuum
Other Names: dandicut, lar mirch, dundi cut
Scoville Range: 55,000 - 65,000

Dundicut Chile Pepper Origin and History

The dundicut (or dandicut) pepper is the traditional hot pepper of Pakistan, where it is native. It has been commercially grown in the Tharparkar region of Sindh, Pakistan, and is now widely cultivated.

Dundicut is the red hot pepper used most in Asian cooking.

Dundicut Chile Pepper Description

The heat of the dundicut chile is variable, ranging from medium to hot. Removing the seeds reduces the heat.

The pepper is similar in flavor and appearance to Scotch bonnet, but generally not as hot. The flavor is full bodied, fruity, and complex; the fiery flavor is concentrated at the top of the pod. Some chile aficionados describe the aftertaste as being like honeydew melon. Ripe peppers give off a fine aroma, not unlike a good habanero.

The shape of the small pepper ranges from round to teardrop. Ripe peppers are a rich ruby red color.

Some references equate dundicut peppers with dried red chile peppers. They are commercially available whole, crushed, in flakes, and as powder. Dundicut is the major chile commercially grown for powder in Pakistan.

Dundicut Chile Pepper How to Serve or Use

Dundicut peppers are widely used in spicy Thai, Pakistani, and Indian cooking. Cooks use dried dundicut chiles to flavor foods and to marinate meat and shellfish before grilling. When using whole peppers, cooks typically soften the dried peppers before using. One pepper is said to add enough heat and flavor for two servings.

Dundicut peppers are ingredients in pumpkin soup, red chicken curry, and other native dishes of South Asia. These peppers are prime ingredients in certain Southeast Asian curries. Examples include buttermilk curry with dumplings and red chili powder in curry. These chiles are also ingredients in spicy chutney, mustard sauces, and pickled sausage. An unusual recipe uses dundicut peppers to make gefilte fish, a traditional food for the Jewish Passover holiday.

Dundicut chiles are also combined with seeds and fruit to make food for parrots and other birds.

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